First Stop, TOPSHOP

We all know I am always down for a good sale, so this weekend I headed straight to the sale racks in Topshop at the Houston Galleria. What I ended up finding blew my mind.

As soon as I got to the sale racks, I laid my eyes on the most perfect pair of high-waist distressed mom jeans. Now we all know Topshop sizes are a little bit stressful, so I initially passed over the jeans because I didn’t think that they would be the right size. After trying on a less desired pair, I realized that the perfect jeans were actually my size! I quickly had my mom go grab them off of the rack because they were the ONLY pair. As soon as I tried them on, they were literally a match made in heaven. These jeans were $36 dollars!! While that doesn’t seem like much of a deal, the exact same pair is selling online for $80. Even a sales associate at Topshop knew how great of a deal this was because she was trying to take them from me! NO MA’AM! 

I also got a high-waist black denim button up skirt for $15 and FIVE necklaces for $9.49. What kind of Heaven sent sale is going on at Topshop? I am not really sure, but I am so thankful for the deals. These new pieces came together to make a super trendy and relaxed outfit for dinner later that night!

So friends, if you are anywhere near a Topshop right now, RUN to the sale racks. You never know what kind of magic you will find!


Here is the outfit that I wore later that day! My perfect mom jeans and fabulous $2 necklace! (Side Note: I found these booties at the BCBGMAXAZRIA outlet in Allen for $25!)

#slaywithme and Topshop!

Tweet me your best deals @dailyslaydfw!


Christen M.

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