Design with Desenio – Bedroom Gallery Wall

Design with Desenio – Bedroom Gallery Wall

As some of you know, I have recently moved into a townhouse! It has been quite the transition from high rise living to a townhouse, however I was most excited about the opportunity to really decorate. The FIRST room that I wanted to tackle was my bedroom. I have always envisioned a mini gallery wall in my room, but had no idea where to start! I always found myself asking questions like: How do I know what size frames to by? Where would I find the artwork? How do I even put this gallery wall together? Thankfully, Desenio had the answers to all of these questions!

I am so happy to have come across Desenio because I truly never knew that picking out wall art could be so easy! They have literally hundreds of different prints for you to choose from, but make it so easy by providing different categories for you to browse through. Since I knew I wanted to do a gallery wall, I started browsing through the Fashion Gallery Wall category in order to find some chic inspiration. It was so nice to be able to look through pre-made gallery walls so I could figure out how many prints I wanted, the appropriate sizing, and the kind of prints that could flow together. After browsing though a couple different categories, I was able to nail down the type of look and feel I was going to, save some of my favorite prints, and take matters into my own hands with the Create Your Gallery Wall tool. This tool is so amazing because I was able to play around with my favorite prints, frames, and gallery wall designs. It took me a few times to create a wall, save it down, and compare which design I liked the most. I finally settled on the below gallery wall, but added 2 more prints that aren’t pictured within the tool to complete my vision.

Here is the gallery wall that I created with the Create Your Gallery Wall tool!

Once I finally decided what I wanted, I was able to easily purchase my desired prints and frames. It literally only took 4 days for my items to come. I was so shocked at how fast I was able to get everything! I was so anxious to get my gallery wall up, but had to wait 2 more weeks until my move. After I finally moved in, I immediately started working on putting my gallery wall together. Again thanks to Desenio, this process was so much easier than I thought it would be! Your frames and prints come carefully packaged so they don’t have any bends, rips, or cracks/scratches. There are also super helpful videos on Desenio’s website that show you how to mount your posters in your frames! It took me literally less than 20 mins to put all of my prints and frames together. It also took me no time to get everything hung the way I wanted it since I already had my gallery wall created and saved with the Create Your Galler Wall tool!

I honestly could not be happier with the way that my gallery wall turned out all thanks to Desenio. I had such a great experience with this first project that I am already thinking of other places to add wall art or another gallery wall in my home! I highly suggest checking out Desenio for all of your wall art needs. I promise you will not be disappointed at all!

My Desenio Gallery Wall Creation!

I have linked the prints that I ordered below in case any of you are inspired to start your own gallery wall!


Fashion Shadow – YSL Shoe

Champagne Tower

More Champagne Please

Champagne Friday

Black Kiss

I can’t wait to see what y’all create!


A Weekend at Legacy West!

A Weekend at Legacy West!

If you follow me on insta, you know that I am a regular at Legacy West. It is the perfect place to eat, stay, and play!

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to act like tourists at Legacy West and have a much needed staycation at the Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West. With all of the craziness surrounding COVID, it was so nice to safely unplug and explore our own back yard! We kicked off our stay with getting some new glasses from Warby Parker. I hadn’t gotten new glasses in a couple of years, so new frames were definitely necessary. Check out some pics from our Warby shopping experience!

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Diner en Noir: The Soirée for Success

Diner en Noir: The Soirée for Success

As some of you know I recently started my own business, Lockett-Up PR. I have been so busy since I started, that I hadn’t been able to take the time to celebrate. Well thanks to Fleming’s Plano, I was able to host an amazing dinner with my closest friends in honor of my newest endeavor.

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Summer Staycation Series: Fairmont Dallas

Summer Staycation Series: Fairmont Dallas

Let’s be honest, whether its work, school, or just life it’s hard to take time off to travel, but who said you have to travel to vacay?? This summer I will be showing you guys the best places to visit for an EPIC staycation here in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area. My first stop: Fairmont Dallas! Continue reading “Summer Staycation Series: Fairmont Dallas”