Calling All Lash Lovers

Hey y’all! I’m finally back and feeling more FAB than ever. Why? Flirty Girl Lash Studio..DUHHH!

This week I got my lashes done at Flirty Girl Lash Studio in Plano and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. With being a former dancer I am so used to ALWAYS having lashes, but constantly buying/applying strips can get so exhausting. With that said, I personally prefer getting lash extensions instead! Lash extensions aren’t just for dancers, models, bloggers, etc. They can truly be for anyone, especially at Flirty Girl Lash Studio.

From the moment I checked in, I was greeted by such great service and a super cute environment. The chairs are so comfortable that it was so tempting to fall asleep, but the playlist was so good that I was trying not to dance during the whole appointment! I also had an amazing technician that was very informative and taught me a lot about my lashes and the lash extension process. Did you know we have lash cycles? I had no clue!

With such great conversation and music, my appointment flew by. I was made FIERCE in a little less than an hour. Since I wanted natural, yet dramatic lashes my technician gave me a cat eye look! I haven’t been able to stop taking selfies since. It has been so great not having to worry about lash strips or a ton of mascara in the mornings. I am already counting down until my next appointment!

So ladies, if you are looking to enhance your lashes, spend less time on make up in the mornings, and look fab 24/7 then Flirty Girl Lash Studio is the place for you. They also have a wide range of other services for your lashes and brows! For a full list of services click here! If you book your lashes now, you’ll be able to take advantage of their Flirty Girl Special, which offers first time guests a classic set for only $79 from now through October 1! Get your appointment now! I promise you won’t regret it!!!

Check out some images from my appointment here! I will also be uploading a short video from my appointment to my Youtube soon, so be sure to check back!

Special thanks to Cashundra, Dani, and all of the staff at Flirty Girl Lash Studio Plano!

I hope your day is as fabulous as my lashes!


Chrissy M.

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