Brooklyn + West

I have finally found my go to boutique!!!

Recently all of my favorite clothing items have come from Brooklyn + West. It is so hard for me to go in and just look! Imagine walking into a store and finding everything that you’ve always wanted, but could never find… That’s what it is like to walk into Brooklyn + West!

The clothes aren’t the only thing that is perfect at Brooklyn + West. The shopping experience and customer service is AMAZING. Every single time I visit I feel like family and the girls know exactly what I’m looking for or what will look best on me. MEN, Brooklyn + West is not just for women. It is also for you! They also carry on-trend men’s apparel and accessories!

So the next time you are at the Shops at Legacy, be sure to stop by Brooklyn + West and enjoy a glass of champagne or a couple of beers while you shop around. It is a great boutique for everyone. TRUST ME: you will NOT leave empty-handed. If you do, you have excellent self-control.

Here is a picture of my new fav romper from Brooklyn + West! I wore this for my one year anniversary celebration with Kameron! Isn’t it to die for??


PS: I would like to give a special shout out to Jana for being such an amazing owner and for encouraging me to try this romper on! It was love at first sight!

#Slaywithme and Brooklyn + West! Be sure to follow them on IG @brooklynandwest


Christen M.

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