Cooking with Elle!

We all know I love to eat! So, when I saw my favorite chef, Gabrielle McBay, was having a pop up cooking party I immediately reserved my spot.

On Saturday July 23rd, I attended Chef Elle’s fabulous cooking party for brunch. We were immediately welcomed by the Bubbly Bar stocked with assorted juices, fresh fruit, and Mia moscatos! After we got our mimosas, we found a cozy spot and engaged in great conversation before the cooking demonstrations began!

The fabulous Chef Elle shared with us some of her secrets for creating a tasty meal! We watched as she prepared her delicious grits and bacon, cheddar waffles.  I was trying to take notes, but I was so blinded by how good the food was looking that I didn’t really hear much! LOL

It was not long before all of the food was prepared. A feast of waffles, sausages (from scratch!!), frittatas, grits, and homemade buttermilk syrup was so perfectly laid out for us. I quickly devoured my food. Everything was made to perfection. Honestly, Chef Elle’s pop up brunch was one of the best brunches that I have ever had! Everyone left with big smiles, happy hearts, and satisfied tastebuds!

So my friends, if you are wanting some cooking that will change your life, you need to find Chef Elle… IMMEDIATELY! She even bakes the best treats! Check out the gallery below to see pictures of her event and the fabulous birthday cake she previously made for me!

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To find Chef Elle, follow her on Instagram at: @gabriellemcbay or check out her site:

#SlayWithMe and #CookWithElle!


Christen M.

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