All Summer 16

Love Drake and Future, but don’t want to pay the $400-$1000 for a ticket? Let me tell you how I saved $400 to go to the highly anticipated Summer Sixteen Tour.

When the Summer Sixteen Tour was first announced, I was so ready to buy my tickets. However, that all changed when I saw decent seats priced at almost $400. I quickly changed my mind. I love Drake and Future just as much as the next, but I was not about to blow almost all of my cash on one ticket!! BUT, I had a brilliant plan in mind.

Over spring break, my mom and I decided to go to a Chicago Bull’s game 2 hours before tip off. We luckily, scored two center court seats that were two rows from the court for $400 total. This deal made me think that there might be a method to our madness. So, I tried that same philosophy the day of the Summer Sixteen Tour in Dallas.

The morning of the Summer Sixteen Tour, lower level ticket prices were still at almost $400, by noon they had dropped to a little under $300. I was so excited that prices were dropping that I made reservations at a restaurant near the American Airlines Center so that I could already by in the area if/when I purchased my tickets. At 5pm, my prediction was right. Floor seats had gone from over $1000 to $458 dollars, you could even sit front row for $625. At 6pm I scored a ticket in section 108 row B for $240. To get a better idea of how good of a deal this was, the ladies next to me paid $695 A PIECE for their tickets! As corny as it may sound, the Summer Sixteen Tour was definitely worth the wait.

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So, the next time you want to catch a concert or a game, try testing your patience and waiting 2-3 hours before it starts to catch huge savings on a ticket!

See y’all at Kanye 😉


Christen M. #slaywithme

2 thoughts on “All Summer 16

    1. I watched stubhub, vivid seats, good seats, and ticket master all day. They top two I would recommend are good seats and vivid seats (where I purchased from)


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