Date Night at MASH’D

What is the perfect place for a date on a friday night? How about dinner at MASH’D West 7th?

If you are looking for a place that has a fun environment, great food, drinks, and good conversation, then MASH’D is your place! You can either check out the scene at West 7th while sitting on the outdoor patio, have a couple of drinks at the outdoor/indoor bar, or grab a bite inside and enjoy several TVs! Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed!

To get things started, I personally suggest the Jolly Rancher. Fresh watermelon house-infused moonshine, lime, and sugar are used to create this wonderful fruity cocktail! If you are anti-sweets like my guest, he would suggest the Bootleg Mule. The Bootleg Mule is composed of cherry limeade shine, ultimate vodka, fresh lime, finished with gosling’s ginger beer!

With these great drinks, you will need a SERIOUS shareable, so why not try the Serious Queso? This appetizer is house prepared with roasted garlic, abita beer, chorizo sausage, and pickled pepper relish served with seasoned tortilla chips or grilled pretzel bites! For some additional seriousness, you could add some fried chicken to your queso!

Hopefully, you still have room for some “Killer Plates” after enjoying such great shareables! It was a struggle for me to put the queso down, but I promise it is worth it for the Bootleg Ribs. Perfectly seasoned and slow house cooked ribs, finished on the grill with moonshine bbq served with house slaw and MASH’D tators! Or if you’re in to trying new things, try the Bulgogi Tacos! Sliced and grilled akaushi flat-iron,marinated in garlic and soy sauce, bibb lettuce, carrots, cilantro, and lemon rice all come together to create a very flavorful entree!

Sadly, we did not save enough room for dessert because the shareables and killer plates were so filling and tasty! However, if you are more brave than us, I heard the Chocolate Pot De Creme is the way to go! Made with 75% brazilian dark cocoa based custard, hazelnut butter, crumbled pistachio topped caramel shine whipped cream… my mouth is watering at the thought of that!

I will definitely be back for more at MASH’D and we encourage you to join us next time! We want to give a special thanks to Shane, Cara, and Courtney for treating us to such a fun and delicious evening!

Check out pictures of our night below!

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